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Woman Stopped Breathing in The Night and Her Rottweiler Saved Her Life

Every dog is a superhero. Dogs are very smart for saving lives by natur. That ability is especially high in breeds like Rottweilers. Therefore, in many countries, various breeds, including Rottweilers, are used for life-saving services. They are truly like a gift from God for us.

Leisha is a very smart and intelligent Rottweiler. Born in the year 1991, she was a superhero who lived for 13 years. Leisha’s owner, Eleanor, had many health problems. So Eleanor’s doctor recommended her a therapy dog. Because she lived alone most of the time. So after recommending that adopting a dog is very suitable, she decided to adopt a dog. Accordingly, she adopted Leisha. She is a dog specially trained to save lives.

After a few weeks a very good friendship developed between them. They became best friends. But Eleanor never dreamed that Leisha would save her life. One night, Eleanor was sleeping when she felt a heavy weight on her chest. She was in a deep sleep. So she could not stop it. And she had no idea how long this would last.

After a few minutes she began to see all this from the top of the room. And she saw all this in a white background. Meanwhile she felt someone tapping her cheek and chest rapidly and someone was near the bed. But it is not clear who it is. A few minutes later, Eleanor suddenly woke up. She could not imagine anything that had happened and it was all like a dream. Also, when she woke up, her dog, Rottweiler, was by her bed.

She called her doctor as soon as possible and told everything that happened. Because she had no idea what happened to her. She was excited by what the doctor said. He said Eleanor had stopped breathing and her life had been saved by her dog.

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