Hero Puppy Jumps On Trainer’s Chest For Revive Him During Show

Dogs have a great ability to save the lives of others. They are born with that ability. It is a special ability that they inherit. So breeds like Rottweilers definitely have that ability. There are many stories of Rottweiler dogs saving human lives. Because when given proper training, Rottweiler dogs will come forward at any moment to save their owner’s life.

Rottweiler dogs are using for security forces in many countries because of their advanced intelligence that allows them to follow commands very well. This is a wonderful story about a Rottweiler puppy who joined with the security sector. One day the Department of Madrid released a wonderful video on the Internet. Everyone who watched the video was amazed and it started going viral everywhere because of the unbelievable behavior of the Rottweiler puppy in this video.

According to this video, a puppy named Poncho and his owner performed one item during a training show in the Madrid department. Poncho is a qualified puppy in the department. Although he is still a puppy, he is very good at many things, such as following laser lights. According to this video, Poncho’s partner acts like he’s fell on the ground. The officer acts as if his heart has stopped.

At that time, Poncho showed what he had been taught. Accordingly, he rushed to his partner as soon as possible and tried to resuscitate him. For that, the little puppy pushed his partner’s chest as fast as he could. He tries to give chest compression for his trainer. Although the puppy’s efforts are impractical, his eagerness to help someone in need is remarkable. It was praised by all. This is a good example of how loyal a dog is. Although many people thinks that Rottweilers are very aggressive breed, when given good training, they become very loving dogs.

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