Rottweiler Bravely Jumps Water and Saves Little Canine Friend Who Was Floating On Boat

Dogs are an incredibly kind and loyal animal. Well-trained dogs come forward not only for the protection of their owner, but also for the protection of any animal or person. People think they have no intelligence, but their intelligence is much higher than we think. They prove it to us by some of their activities. That’s why researchers have listed the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Rottweiler dogs are in its 9th place. So, we are going to tell you about the amazing deed of such a Rottweiler dog.

This wonderful news comes from China. A small blue boat was parked on a river bank in the Qingyuan city of Guangdong Province, China. A little black and white dog climbed into the boat. Shortly after the dog got on the boat, the boat began to float. The boat began to float to the middle of the river while the dog was in the boat. There was no way for the dog to get out because he could not jump into the water.

So he started barking for help. This was saw by a Rottweiler dog was on ashore. The dog realized the problem that little dog friend was facing and took action for little pup without thinking twice. He leaps into the river, swam, and grabbed the boat’s rope by mouth. Then, grabbing the rope by the mouth, he swam ashore and when the boat came to the ashore the little dog jumped out of it. So, the Rottweiler dog acted like a human and saved the little canine friend.

Some people say that dog’s have not intelligent. It is a completely misunderstand. They can be unimaginably aggressive. But when given proper training they become an amazing breed. They have an instinct to care and protect, and we need to train it properly. Every dog has a high level of memory and the ability to learn everything in a very short time.

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