Every styling option you pick is a statement. What you choose to wear should feel good, fit well, and look nice. Here, we’ve put together a thorough comparison of wearing a sports bra vs no bra. It’s not a simple decision, so read on all the way to the verdict!

The first sports bra came out in the 70s, and like all good inventions, it was born out of a dire need. In that case, it was running without too much bounce.

Going out with no bra isn’t a recent discovery, it has some interesting history. Going braless is as ancient as the cavemen and women

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The debate between wearing a sports bra vs no bra became popularized because of a jump rope test video done by Piper Blush on Youtube. In the video, she compares the differences of jump roping while wearing a sports bra, normal bra, and no bra.

Since Piper’s video, several other women have done their own jump rope test videos to compare the similarities and differences when moving around.

SPORTS BRA VS NO BRA: THE VERDICTSports Bra VS. No Bra Jump Rope Test Is Telling You Why Women Need Bras - video Dailymotion


We’ve examined the effect of going braless on muscles and posture. It’s generally agreed that braless is freeing but ultimately uncomfortable. It gets even harder after moving a lot, or when a woman already has a large-sized breast. This is where wearing a sports bra saves the day.

The extra support offered by a sports bra relieves some of the load on the chest area, while maintaining muscle tone. There are also positive social aspects and fashion bonuses for wearing a sports bra, and these can’t be missed. Approval from the people we care about is nice.

Matters of taste don’t have rights or wrongs, so we wouldn’t address that. Your personal preferences are intact! Performance and health are the deciding factors here. Having looked at the pros and cons, and the really important effects on posture, the verdict is clear: sports bras win.

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